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What I Eat in a Day

What I eat in a day by Bunny Blogger Selma

This seems to be a very popular blogger post, so I thought why not share my food diary with everyone!


I’m already up before my housemate Tara comes down to see me for breakfast. Me being me, I’ll already be tucking in to some hay as I’m always hungry. Breakfast is always a dessert spoon of pellets. In all honesty, I could easily eat more than that (they are sooooo good!) but I like to take care of myself and have no intention of getting fat. Pellets are only a supplement to rabbit’s diet – did you know 85-90% of a rabbit’s diet should be hay or grass?

I’ll normally have a potter in the yard for an hour before my housemate leaves for work. She’ll leave me with some fresh hay and water to keep me going through the day.


After some bun-shui (re-arranging my furniture!) during the morning and more munching on hay, I’ll be slowing down by this point. This is my favourite time to catch up on some caecatroph eating. Caecotrophs are a special type of dropping (softer, smaller and darker than the usual ones) which rabbits produce, allowing us to get all the necessary nutrients from the food we eat.


Lunchtime? I have no idea what this is – this is beauty sleep time for me. We bunnies are crepuscular, which means we are most active at dawn and dusk, so do not disturb! ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz………


My housemate is normally back home which is good timing as I’ll be feeling refreshed and lively by this point. I’ll normally go outside to the garden to eat some grass, have a run around and dig up whatever I’m not allowed to go near. I have to admit though, I am a bit of a fair-weather bunny and do not enjoy going out when it’s rainy or cold.


It’s dinner time, which means fresh hay and some veggies. As an estimate, I get a small bowlful (roughly a handful) of veg, however my food is normally spread about the pantry and the yard so I have to forage for it.

If you need an idea of what veg to feed your rabbit, click here for a Selma-approved list!


If I’m lucky, I’ll get a treat before my housemates go to bed. My particular favourites are grapes – yum! I say grapes but I’ll only get one. In any case, I’ll be back to my hay bowl for a midnight snack– nom, nom, nom!

Night all!