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Selma - Bunny Blogger
Selma Bunny Blogger

Hi, my name is Selma and I'm going to be updating you on all things rabbit-like!

Nickname: Selmie, mini polar bear.

Favourite food: Parsley & grapes (I'm only allowed grapes occassionally as a treat - boo!). I love food - for a little bunny I can eat a lot!

Favourite toy: Willow balls. I don't have a particular favourite toy as I chew them up pretty quickly so I have no time to get sentimental.

What I like: Digging up the flowers in the garden, bun-shui in the house (feng shui for bunnies, but a bit more destructive).

What I don't like: Pigeons (I will attack!) and the rain - I am a bit of a fair weather bunny.

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