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Merry Christmas!

Fun & Festives with Purdy, Rikki & Selma


Christmas elf or bah humbug?

I LOVE Christmas. What’s not to love? Presents to open (not necessarily mine!), baubles to play with, trees to climb, wine to drink and turkey to steal!

No, honestly I am a good girl really (are you reading this, Santa?) I’ve swotted up on what I need to be avoiding in order to be safe at Christmas, that way I can avoid having to visit the vet! Catch up on this post here to keep your furry friend safe.

Santa, Kitty please put under my Christmas tree……

Toys that my human can stuff full of cat nip….. ahhhhhh - bliss!!!!!


Are you looking forward to Christmas?

This will be my second Christmas and I loved it last year so I am definitely looking forward it! I get to spend extra time with my best buddy Ted, lots of cuddles and fuss from everyone that comes round the house and perhaps a slice of turkey on Christmas day – yum!!!

I really enjoyed the snow a couple of weeks ago so it would be great if we could have a white Christmas – how magical would that be?!

What are you hoping Santa will leave you?

Last year I got Raggy Lamb (favourite toy ever!) so I don’t think I could top that! Besides, I wouldn’t want to make Raggy jealous if I got another cuddly toy.


Christmas elf or bah humbug?

I do enjoy Christmas, although my Christmas day is pretty much the same as the rest of the year in terms of routine, except I mix it up with a side of brussell sprouts with my dinner!

Santa Bunny please leave under the Christmas tree…….

A new bunny castle and a big bowl of grapes (this one is highly unlikely as I’m only every allowed one as a treat, but hey I can dream!!!)