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Dr Melanie Spencer-Marshall

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Melanie Spencer-Marshall
Dr Melanie Spencer-Marshall MRCVS BVSC Clinical Director

I was born in Yorkshire but my parents emigrated to Australia when I was a child, I had all sorts of pets - orphan lambs, guinea pigs and ponies so of course I wanted to be a vet!

I qualified as a Veterinary Surgeon in 1982 in Australia and I moved back to the UK shortly after graduation. I have worked in many different practices all over the UK including emergency clinics, university clinics and even a cat-only practice, and have a broad range of experience.

I am interested in all aspects of medicine and surgery; however, I have a special fondness for all things feline. I used to breed and show Oriental and Siamese cats for many years, and was a Veterinary Advisor to the GCCF (the cat version of The Kennel Club). I have also been an Advisor to a large RSPCA shelter in the North of England and enjoy working with rescued pets.

At home, I have the last of my own bred Orientals - a very elderly red boy called Laddo. I also have my horse Taz, on whom I enjoy exploring the West Midlands, oh and my husband as well!