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Firework Safety

Blogger Rikki discusses how he stays calm when the night sky isn’t.

Remember, Remember… Not all of us actually like fireworks.


I’m sure most of you reading this blog love going to watch a fireworks display. All that colour, brightness and noise are mesmerising, entertaining and scary all at the same time.

Unfortunately for most pooches, fireworks are just plain scary. With fireworks night now lasting several weeks, this time of year can be particularly overwhelming. I should know this – I’m one of nearly half of all dogs that don’t like fireworks.

Luckily I have found a routine which helps me and so I thought I’d share it with you to see if it will help your dog.

First things first – get prepared!

I like to create a zen ‘calming’ zone in the house. For me this is in the lounge, but wherever suits your dog best is fine. Here’s my tick list:

  • A crate with blanket over it (Mom will also spray some Pet Remedy on my blanket to further aid the calming ambience).
  • Some comfy bedding
  • A big blanket (to hide under when necessary)
  • Some treats (hypoallergenic ones for me as I have a sensitive tummy)
  • Raggy Lamb - ESSENTIAL COMPANION!!! (other toys are available for your dog but for me there is nothing more comforting then having Raggy with me).

I never go out in the evening while the fireworks are in full swing (far too scary!). Instead I will go for a long walk in the afternoon so that I’m tired out later on. I’ll normally eat after my walk, adding in a small amount of pasta for some extra carbs (for those of you who have a carb come-down after lunchtime, there is no need to explain! Zzzzzzz…..).

In the evening the curtains get drawn and the tv goes on. I’m not a fan of EastEnders but the noise helps to drown out the sounds of the fireworks!

So, if you can imagine me and Raggy Lamb snuggled up in our den. Mom won’t overly fuss me but is available for reassurance when I need it. Mom is great – even if I get silly she’ll never tell me off as she understands that punishing me will only get me more stressed.

I wouldn’t say these tips have made me change my mind about fireworks, but I’m feeling less anxious. Next year I have pencilled in June/ July to start a desensitisation programme to build up my confidence. Check out Dogs Trust page for more information on this.

If your dog (or cat!) has a tough time over the fireworks season then speak to Lowesmoor. They helped me work through this plan and I have to say I’m a happier dog for it.