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A Day In the Life...

A Day in My Life......by Blogger Rikki

Last Wednesday, Mom took me into the vets with her – I thought it was a take your dog to work kind of thing, you know, go in and lots of fuss and treats from everyone. However, I knew something wasn’t quite right when there was no breakfast that morning (and even Megan the cat’s food was taken up so I couldn’t snaffle that).

So I was a little apprehensive on the journey in to Lowesmoor Vets. It was only when I got there and heard my name and the word ‘op’ in the same sentences that it dawned on me – it was time for me to be neutered!!!!!

Although young, I am a savvy pup and did a bit of research beforehand. I know that many owners out there can be concerned about their dog (or cat, or even rabbit) coming in for neutering. I had similar questions - Is it safe? Do I even need to be neutered? Your best bet is to come in or phone the guys at Lowesmoor and they can discuss everything with you and put your mind at rest. Don’t do what I originally did - Googled everything I could on the subject – although there are some really good websites out there, there are also some that can give the wrong information, so you need to be really careful where you are getting advice.

So, I guess you are wondering how the op went. Well, to be honest I don’t remember much about it. In the morning I was given an injection which made me quite sleepy, so I snuggled up with Raggy Lamb in my cosy, warm kennel and soon fell asleep. I then vaguely remember being on the op table and having a strange device call a catheter placed in my leg – I don’t like needles so a special liquid was sprayed on to my leg beforehand so I wouldn’t feel the catheter going in (it worked!). After that, zzzzzzzzzz………

When I woke up after my op, I was a little disorientated but otherwise felt comfortable. I was worried that I would be painful after my op but with two different types of pain relief on board I felt good. During the afternoon, the nurses (Chris and Tara) kept checking in on me to make sure I was okay (such as checking my heart rate and temperature). I also got plenty of well-deserved fuss from everyone - hey, I have had an operation you know!

After a sleep, I felt able to get up and go outside for a potter. By this point I was ready to spend a penny. The walk also helps the nurses to assess how awake I am so they can arrange a time for me to go home in the afternoon. Once back inside, I was measured up for my bodysuit. Although I insisted I wouldn’t go near my wound, it was decided that it was better to remove the temptation. When your dog (or cat) comes in for an operation and there is a risk they can interfere with the wound, I strongly urge you to pop a buster collar or body suit on them. One week later and my wound is healing nicely but I have to admit that it occasionally feels itchy……if I could just have a lick and nibble for a minute……..yep, think of the damage I could do.

The anaesthetic can sometimes upset your pet’s tummy and as I have a sensitive one at the best of times, I was given some special food which is gentle on my tummy but has all the nutrients I need after having surgery. I was also given some to go home with. It’s really yummy and much easier than Mom having to deal with cooking chicken and rice for me and (sales pitch voice) the tins are available to purchase for your dog or cat at Lowesmoor!

So one week later, how am I doing? Well, I’m soldiering on (are you feeling sorry for me yet?!!). I’m still stuck on lead walks so am feeling a bit restless but otherwise feel okay. I went home on some pain relief for a few days after my operation and that, alongside being kept rested, ensured that I remained comfy.

Roll on next week when I can go running with my buddy Ted!