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Holiday Checklist

Dog Blogger Rikki sorts out your canine holiday checklist

I’m off on holiday and I’m super excited!!!

For those of you that bring your pooch on holiday with you (not that I’m biased but it’s a GREAT idea!), it’s worth making a holiday checklist for them so you don’t forget anything. I’ve been going through mine and thought I’d share my tips with you.


This is only relevant if you and your furry friend are going abroad (I’m off to Scotland so I won’t need one this time). Pet Passports are easy to acquire and take less than a month to organise, although there are strict rules that must be adhered to so that you can have a stress-free holiday. For more information, speak to the friendly folk at Lowesmoor Vets or click here.

Contact details for local vets

Not that I intend to get into trouble while I’m away, but it’s always worth making sure that you have a number handy for a nearby vets - just in case.


If your dog is on regular medication, make sure you have enough to last while you are away.


Just because your pooch is on holiday shouldn’t mean they deviate from their usual diet, so make sure you stock up. I have a sensitive tummy so it’s important that I stay on my regular food. For many dogs a change in food, especially if you feed them richer, more ‘human-like’ food while away, means they can often have tummy issues – you have been warned!!!!

Don’t forget the food and water bowls!

ID tag and collar

By law, all dogs should wear a collar and ID tag so ensure you get your dog kitted out with these if you haven't already.

It’s also worth popping into the vets to get their microchip scanned to ensure it is still working before you go away for peace of mind.

Plan your route

Note down stop-off points so your dog can stretch its legs (I shall be on Google after this, looking for appropriate scenic spots).

How well does your dog travel in the car? I have to admit that I’m not a great traveller, even for short journeys, so a long journey up to Scotland is daunting. If your dog is like me, there are tips and tricks you can use to ensure everyone in the car is happy – speak to either Chris or Tara, who will gladly speak to you on the phone or book you in for a free nurse consult. There is also medication that your dog can take to help settle their tummy – particularly good if you are travelling a long distance like me.

Other essentials

Lead, poop bags, toys (in particular Raggy Lamb – he goes EVERYWHERE with me), bed, blanket, towel, brush, Pro-Kolin (a pro-biotic and essential should my sensitive tummy issues arise).

Now I just need to find a suitcase big enough for all of this!!!! #travellight

Mar sin leibh an dràsda!