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Pet Theft Awareness Week

Pet Theft Awareness Week

Dog Blogger Rikki discusses Pet Theft Awareness – should we be worried?

No-one wants to think about the prospect of their beloved pet going missing – never mind being stolen. This week is Pet Theft Awareness Week which is designed to make owners more aware of what they can do to protect their dog, as well as what to do should this horrible situation occur. I feel that the fact that we have an awareness week dedicated to this issue shows that it’s something we need to take note of so I thought I’d sniff it out…

According to DogLost, an online database for registering lost and found dogs, on average a whopping 60 dogs are stolen every week (blimey!). Here’s the lowdown on how they are going missing:

  • 52% of dogs are stolen from gardens.
  • 19% of dogs are stolen in house burglaries
  • 16% of dogs are stolen while on a walk
  • 7% of dogs are stolen while being tied up outside shops
  • 5% of dogs are stolen from cars

Are you surprised by the results? What it’s made me think is that no place is 100% safe so you always need to be vigilant.

So what should you do if the worst happens and your dog goes missing? I know this can be a very stressful time but the quicker you act then the better chance of being reunited with your best bud.

  • Contact your microchip provider Petlog (www.petlog.org.uk). Check that they have the correct details for you. By flagging your dog up as missing then their details cannot be changed without your permission.
  • Contact your vets and alert vets & rescue centres in the surrounding area.
  • Post your dog’s details on Facebook – if you are like me and live in the Worcester area, Pets Lost & Found Worcestershire is a good place to start. Always try to have up to date, clear photos of your dog which you can post (as if Mom needs any more excuses to snap cute pictures of me!)
  • Put your dog’s details onto DogsLost (www.doglost.co.uk).
  • Contact the local dog warden (for the Worcester area you need to call 01905 822799).
  • Post flyers and put up posters in your area. It might be worth contacting your insurance company as some will cover the costs of flyers.

Last year Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance (SAMPA) began a petition to demand that pet theft is reclassified as a crime - at the moment by law I’m only classed as an inanimate object (I think we’ll all agree that us doggies as so much more than a monetary value). There is now a draft bill before Parliament but despite its introduction last July it has yet to have a second reading, and no date is set for that. If you wish to sign the petition then go to:


For more information on the campaign go to http://pettheft.org.uk/

Stay safe everyone!