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New Year, New You?

Cat Blogger Purdy discusses New Year's Resolutions

So, how are the New Year’s resolutions going? This year I didn’t make any (I’m fabulous enough thanks!) but I know many other pets are vowing to make changes to improve their health and wellbeing.

Although we often try very hard using will-power, this can often only get us through part of the journey. Having some support along the way can help us achieve our goals. Why not get that help and encouragement from the friendly team at Lowesmoor, who will be more than happy to help your pet become a healthier (and happier) version of itself. Below are some common concerns people have with their pets – any sound familiar?

Weight loss:

Confession time - yes, even I have to work on my figure (if weight loss was really that easy, we’d all be slim). Why not book your pet in for one of Lowesmoor’s free weight clinics? Here a tailor-made plan can be formulated for your pet and regular check-ups booked in to ensure your pet is losing at a steady rate. No fad diets here, folks; this is all about feasible, long-term healthy living!

Sparkling teeth:

Having good teeth not only looks good (and makes you look younger!), but is also beneficial to your pet’s general health. Smelly breath, loose teeth, inflamed gums and a painful mouth are all horrible. Left untreated, bacteria from the mouth can spread into the bloodstream and affect major organs such as the heart and kidneys – yep, not good.

Did you know it is estimated that close to 80% of the UK’s population of cats and dogs over the age of three suffer from some degree of dental disease, so for those owners who think that their pet’s teeth are probably fine, you might need to think again. Although we may still be eating, us pets learn to tolerate dental disease, but that doesn’t mean we are not in discomfort. If you’re convinced that your pet won’t be keen on having their teeth brushed, don’t worry - there are other options out there.

Why not book in for a dental consultation to learn about the ways you can help your pet have a fresh and comfortable mouth? Plus get a dental pack of goodies for your pet to try at home.

Preventative care:

Frequent questions I get asked:

1. Am I vaccinated – yes.

2. Do I use flea & worming prevention – of course! If I can’t tolerate another cat in the house then I’m sure not going to tolerate squatters living on/in me!

Making sure I stay in tip-top shape is important to me. Coming in for my yearly vaccine also means I get a health check at the same time, as well as discussing with the vet anything that I might be worried about. I will normally take this opportunity to get in a quick pedicure at the same time – hey, a girl’s gotta look her best!

Why not consider signing your pet up to Lowesmoor’s Pet Health Club? This way, you can sort out all your pet’s preventative health care and save yourself money (and who doesn’t like a bargain!). Click here for more information on all that your pet will receive on the scheme.

Here's to a great 2018!