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Give A Dog A Christmas Dinner!

Dog Blogger Rikki highlights the Lowesmoor House Christmas Appeal for Maggs Day Centre

This year, the Lowesmoor House Christmas Appeal is for Maggs Day Centre. Maggs offers a variety of support for homeless people through offering a warm and welcoming place to take refuge, supplying clothes and a good meal, or just simply being there to listen and offer comfort.

Did you know it is estimated that 5-10% of homeless people have a companion animal? In a difficult existence, dogs can provide companionship and support for a homeless person – a friendly face who is always there for their buddy through thick and thin (I couldn’t imagine life without Mom). Just as many of you readers love your dog and would do anything for them, the same is true for homeless people - many will put their dog’s wellbeing before their own.

I consider myself a very lucky dog. When your only worry is whether your buddy Ted might chew Raggy Lamb (my favourite toy!) then it puts things into perspective. I would like to think that if circumstances ever changed, there would be someone out there who would want to help me - so why not join the Lowesmoor Christmas Appeal and give a dog a Christmas dinner?!

Are you able to donate any of the following?

  • Food
  • Blankets & towels
  • Toys

If so, please pop them in to Lowesmoors’ collection box, which is in the reception area. I’ll certainly be putting a bag of something tasty in there for a fellow pooch.

For more information on Maggs Day Centre, and other ways you can help, go to their website.