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Keeping calm under pressure!

You have your blood pressure measured, well so should your cat, says cat blogger Purdy.

This August Lowesmoor are promoting blood pressure monitoring for older cats. As a cat that likes to look after myself, I thought I’d investigate this and see if I needed to go and see nurses Chris and Tara for a check-up.

Many of you readers will be familiar with having your blood pressure taken when you go to the doctors. Just like you us cats can get high blood pressure (known as hypertension). Although some cats can develop hypertension as a standalone disease (primary hypertension), the most common type is secondary hypertension. This occurs as a complication of another disease, commonly kidney disease and hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland).

The silent killer...

Okay, I’m a diva and can be dramatic when I want to be, but hypertension in cats can really impede on our lives – brain, eyes, heart and kidneys can all be affected. Because it often goes undiagnosed for some time (as symptoms can be vague) it is often not until blood pressure readings are carried out that you’ll be aware that there are any problems. In fact in one study, hypertension was diagnosed in more than 5% of apparently healthy, older cats, which just goes to show how important it is to get your cat’s blood pressure regularly checked. For many owners it is not until their cat suddenly becomes blind that they will even realise something is wrong.

As it turns out hypertension is a common disease in older cats (over 1 in 8 cats over 9 years old suffer from this condition). As a healthy 4 year old I don’t need to worry about having my blood pressure checked, but will definitely be making sure this is checked when I get older.

The equipment they use to measure blood pressure in cats is very similar to that used by your doctor. This means that it doesn’t take long to do, is pain-free and is well tolerated by most cats.

So if any of you mature lady or gentlemen cats are reading this – get your owner to bring you down to Lowesmoor!

For more information on hypertension in cats jump on to the ISFM web page for lots of helpful information: